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This site provides in-depth information on the Trail Bridge Sub-Sector of Government of Nepal (G/N). The site is being developed in such way that it reflects the "Sub-Sector Approach" as envisaged by the decentralization policies of the Government of Nepal. Any comments and suggestions for the improvement of the site from the users' are highly appreciated.

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Sector-Wide Approach

The Ministry of Local Development (MLD) and seven donors (ADB, DFID, GTZ, JICA, SDC, WB, and WFP) signed a Statement of Intent (SoI) on 21 February 2008 showing their preference to enter into a Sector Wide Approach in overall Rural Transport Infrastructure. The SoI's goal is the more effective delivery of rural transport infrastructure (RTI) in Nepal and the purpose was: "Development of a more effective framework of donor support to the Government of Nepal for rural transport, based on Sector Wide Approach (SWAp) principles." The SoI signatories believe that the effectiveness of the Rural Transport Infrastructure sector can be enhanced by more coordinated donor support for a coherent, realistic, government-led approach. It is intended to use SWAp principles to inform the preparation of the next phase of donor support from 2011.

The process has identified three (component) sub-sectors viz a vis (i) Rural roads and bridges; (ii) Trails and trail bridges; (iii) Other rural transport infrastructure and set up an action plan with deadlines to be achieved by the end of 2010. Out of the three sub-sectors, MLD/DoLIDAR believes that the trail bridge sub–sector is in the most advanced stage among the three to fulfil pre-conditions to enter into SWAp, as most of the required national strategy, technical, social, procurement, monitoring, capacity building guidelines etc have been prepared.






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Trail Bridge Program wins UN Habitat Award.
Nepali Trail Bridge experts provide support in Bhutan & Tanzania.

Helvetas was established in 1956 as the first Swiss NGO under the name of SHAG for development cooperation in developing countries. SHAG was later renamed as Helvetas. Helvetas became active in Nepal since the first year of its foundation. During 1970 - 1987, Helvetas and SDC worked jointly under the name of SATA (Swiss Association for Technical Assistance) in Nepal.

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Educational Institutes have been equipped with curricula and teaching manuals to disseminate trail bridge technology and organization. these curricula have been adapted for three types of Institutes, notably, Universities, Colleges and Vocational Schools. Practitioners from the private sector, NGOs and Local Governments will receive comprehensive trail bridge course. the regular intake of the Institutes will receive trail bridge instruction integrated in the next-of-kin subject.

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